About Us

About Berry's Global Discovery School

Berry’s Global Discovery School offers easy access to hi-tech infrastructure and facilities to the students. The school provides a perfect balance between academic excellence and extracurricular activities to ensure to complete development of students. The school is having the vision to provide value based and affordable education to the students by enhancing their interfacing with the society.

A passion for academic excellence rather than financial profitability has been a priority by Berry’s Global Discovery School. The school is guided by the philosophy that student should be given best atmosphere of learning, research and training so that they open and expose their minds and free individuals to explore the things in the ongoing process of their lives and become leaders for tomorrow.


The changes times call for a change in education system. Primitive methods of instructions will only slacken the phase of student‘s growth. Holistic growth is made possible only when children are given the space to think and innovate. The need of Hour is to shift from treating the brain like an information reservoir to an idea generator.


Berry’s Global Discovery School nurtures every child to become a high achiever on the global stage. This is achieved by providing experiential learning methods, emergent pedagogy backed by research and non-controlling environment. Our methodology helps every student to excel in his/her felid of interest by offering a wild range of choice for his/her growth.

Note: The salary of the staff is according to the CBSE norms.