Chairman's Message

FROM Chairman’s DESK

Dear Parents and Children,

May your shadow never be less!

Words fail me to express my debt of gratitude. This condescension has brought you here. It is a temple of learning where we impart education with a matchless spirit of service to rank and file which in the best form of worship.

In this world of topsy-turvydom, delinquency has condoned us off. Education centers have become an arena of boutiques. A mentor is a tormentor If he is not duteous. Then the sense of duteousness doesn’t evolve. Our sincere efforts go fiasco if we don’t create congenial malice for the sake of importing education of high stratum. We do not teach occident ally, we chisel and hovel. We follow vernacular methods. Indigenous methods excel occident methods if you get education vender the stewardship of some polymath, a die hand perfectionist or a doyen of the furniture of mind.

Is there a need to dree your weird? Your efforts are now what are in store for you? Rake up you lest talent. We will obviate all the shackles and stumbling blocks to make your educational peregrination successful and resplendent.

Introth, we do not believe in ventosity, we believe in veracity. Yes, an education is a mean to drive crypt aesthesia.

Take it easy. Come and join us. We will take your acumen to crescendo!

If your penchant is to make your child an engineer, a doctor or a barrister, then your word should be taught by a polyhistor.

We don’t have any pecuniary object, Introth, Our’s is a missionary object.

Dr. Parveen Berry