Fee Schedule

Fee Schedule

Installment Pay Time
Installment 1 25% At the time of admission
Installment 2 25% Between May 1 - May 10
Installment 3 25% September1 - September 10
Installment 4 25% Between December 1 - December 10

Kindly adhere to the above schedule to avoid any inconvenience and late fees.

  1. The fee will be collected in the month of march, may, September, December,

  2. The fee must be deposited by10th of every month else a fine of Rs. 50/-will be levied per day.

  3. Kindly adhere to above dates to avoid any inconvenience or late fee.

  4. No student will be permitted to appear in examination without fee clearance.

  5. No Refund will be made after the receipt Is issued.

  6. If any child does not pay for two consecutive terms, his/her name will be struck off the rolls.

  7. Fee can be deposited for any number of terms in advance.