President's Message


President's Message

The school’s mission is to impart education of global standards with commitment to excellence.We combine the best of conventional and contemporary systems of education. We believe in nurturing joy of learning and a zeal to pursue their interests by providing conducive learning environment richly supported by innovative teaching pedagogies aiming at satiating their inquisitiveness to know the world.Our objective is to empower the students to meet the challenges of the life by inculcating intellect, courage, confidence and values like commitment, honesty ,integrity, self-discipline and the collaborative spirit amongst the students. We encourage our students to learn beyond the boundaries of curriculam.As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to affect the normal lives with new guidelines and restrictions giving it a definition of new normal , we work diligently to ensure that our students, faculty have access to critical learning and operating resources. The changed scenario resulted in expansion of our virtual capacity and technology upgardation and could not hinder our mission of imparting education.

"Mata pita or guru inhi se hoti hai vidya shuru"

I would like to encourage the parents to stay active in your child's education. Giving Education is a joint effort of school and parents which always result in synergetic growth and we are fully vested in partnering with families to make sure each child reaches their full potential. We always had wonderful family participation through meet and greet clubs .I look forward to continue this tradition. In advance thank you for all of your support.

Best wishes and Regards
Dr. Parveen Berry